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Takiatash Power Plant Efficiency Improvement Project

Start Date: 11.10.2018
End Date: Project in progress
Equipment used in the project: Liebher LR 1750 Crawler crane, Demag CC2800 Crawler crane, Demag CC2400-1 Crawler crane, 160 axles
Project Description: Hareket transported and installed the Takhiatash power plant in Uzbekistan. This work was done with a crawler crane Demag CC2800 600 tons and a crawler crane Demag CC2400 400 tons. Transportation of 18-axle modular hydraulic trailers brand Goldhofer. The assembly of the GE gas turbine generators weighing 357 and 292 tons was carried out with a portal system with a carrying capacity of 1000 tons.

The new gas turbines are part of an upgrade to the Takhiatash thermal power plant (TPP) to meet rising electricity demand in the western part of Uzbekistan. Built in 1974, the Takhiatash TPP has an installed capacity of 730 MW. The upgrade project includes the construction of two combined cycle gas turbine units with a capacity of 230-280 megawatts. This will increase the plant power generation capacity from 730 megawatts up to 930 megawatts and electricity output will rise by 1.7 times, up to 5.4 billion kilowatt hours. 

Hareket Heavy Lifting and Project Transportation was responsible for the installation of the GE Power GT13E2 gas turbines and generators.  With its Enerpac SBL1100 hydraulic gantry, the gas turbines were first lifted from a SPMT and skidded 27 m into the plant along a 40m gantry track and lowered on to a concrete foundation, followed by lifting and skidding the generators 16.5m for positioning in front of the turbines.

“The SBL1100 gantry gave us the heavy lifting capability we needed to handle the turbines and generators easily and safely,” says Samet Gürsu, Operations Director, Hareket Heavy Lifting and Project Transportation Co. “In combination with the skidding track and wireless control system for accurate positioning, we were quickly able to lift and install the power generation equipment.”