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Renewable Energy

In an environment of continuous growing electricity demand, increasing fuel costs, and climate change concerns, renewable energy can make a difference for sustainable power supply. Photovoltaic production has been increasing scientifically each year since 2002, turning it the world’s fastest-growing energy technology. The International electricity agency (IEA) forecasted a continued strong growth through 2022, with renewable electricity capacity to expand by over 920 GW, an increase of 43%.[1]

Wind energy is a reliable and increasingly cost-competitive source of clean energy with the potential for further cost reductions. The numbers and scale of wind farms increase worldwide. Developers face logistical challenges like remote locations to access the job site or weather conditions that affect the installation process.

Turnkey solutions for a sustainable future

Our dedicated specialists use state of the art equipment to overcome those challenges. Hareket provides engineering services, project management, transportation from factory to site, erection services and electro-mechanical completion to the grid-line. With our expertise in the wind and solar sector, we are able to provide complete solutions to OEMs, contractors, and owners. Hareket and its turnkey solutions help customers to transform renewable energy into a profitable asset for a sustainable future.