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Civil / Infrastructure

Since early times governments have understood the importance of investing in infrastructure — aqueducts and roads supporting communities of ancient Rome still exist today. Civil infrastructure is a fundamental component of a country’s strength. It establishes essential services, and organizational structures that facilitate the economic vitality, mobility, and development of any society.

Need for heavy lifting

Building, expanding or replacement of bridges, road and rail networks, iconic structures and airport buildings is required due to population growth and its increasing demand for mobility. Civil construction and infrastructure projects are often of public interest. They are entailing strict budgets, different stakeholder and tight deadlines. The overall objective is a smooth and safe operation with minor disruption to the public.

Choosing the right partner

A solid preparation ensures that your project will be executed in a timely, cost efficient and safe manner. We provide complete engineered solutions for your heavy lifting and transport requirements. Hareket offers value added services such as route surveys, transport and lifting plans, equipment configuration to create individual solutions for transportation, discharging and installation processes.