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3 STS Cranes with a Weight of 2,150 Tons Moved from Haydarpaşa Port to Mardaş Port.

Hareket transported 3 STS Cranes (Port Cranes), each weighing 2,150 tons, from Haydarpaşa Port to Mardaş Port using the Bosphorus Strait. The engineering, installation, heavy load transportation and sea transportation of 3 separate STS Cranes weighing 2,150 tons, 90 meters high, 25 meters wide and 150 meters wide between 2 booms were all carried out by Hareket. The parts of the crane, which arrived at Haydarpaşa port by ship from Ireland, were unloaded according to the layout plan created by Hareket, and then installated with the help of two high-capacity crawler cranes, with the heaviest part weighing 250 tons.

Due to the large weight and width of the STS Cranes, its high length, the narrowness of the unloading port, and the different dock heights of the two ports, our engineering team planned and carried out every stage of the project and operation.

As a result of their work, our engineers have completed a load in and load out operation that has been realized in a small number in the world. Since the height of the port is 2.20 meters in Haydarpaşa Port and 3.60 meters in Mardaş Port, our engineers determined that it would be safer to carry out load out and load in operations by landing and disembarking from the side. In line with all the works, the operation of loading, transportation and load out of STS Cranes from the port to starboard side without any problems was successfully carried out. As a result of the project, every stage of which was meticulously planned, and the successful operations carried out accordingly, 3 STS Cranes, the first and only double boom cranes in the world and the first and only in Turkey, were delivered to Mardaş Port with zero defects.

During the sea transportation of the project, the strait crossings were closed to traffic for 5 hours each time for the transportation of a total of 3 STS Cranes with the support of the Port Authority and Coastal Safety. In the project, which we provided turnkey service to our customer, a total of 97 personnel, including a 12-person engineer team, a 10-person crane team, a 45-person crane team, a 30-person heavy transportation, ballast and lashing team, were involved.