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Chairman´s message


In order to economize costs per unit and to increase productivity, industries are forced to build plants on a larger scale than ever before. This leads to the manufacturing of even larger modules and components that needs to be transported, lifted and installed. Working at remote locations and in emerging markets with a lack of infrastructure affect projects in their time lines and complexity. These circumstances require creative and innovative solutions for lifting, transport and installation services. Since its establishment in 1957 Hareket Heavy Lifting & Project Transportation Company has been well known for its high service standards and innovative approaches that enable cost-effective and efficient construction and maintenance, while maintaining maximum safety levels. At Hareket, we follow a defined Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) program to ensure the safety of all employees, equipment and loads we handle.

A deep understanding and knowledge of our customer´s needs are essential for our business as we are operating in different sectors like petrochemical, power, especially renewables, offshore and shutdown management. We have proven over the years that our versatility and adaptability to meet the customer requirements distinguishes us from our competitors. We are proud of our creative engineering, professional project management system, state of the art heavy lifting and transportation fleet and professional team. These factors enable us to execute installation and disassembly services for industrial plants as well as the transportation and installation including mechanical and electrical installation for onshore wind farms as a turn-key solution.

Hareket translates to “movement” in Turkish. Our driving force at Hareket, undoubtedly, has been the trust our clients have placed in us. They stood by us when transported the largest loads ever in Turkey, became a provider of turnkey solutions in the transportation sector, and expanded to international markets. In 2012 we received ESTA Award of Excellence for the transport job of the year which took place 2011 in Turkmenistan. Thanks to a careful planning and execution our team conquered the harsh weather conditions and the challenging environment to deliver eight loads in time over a distance of 1.250 kilometres safely. All units have been transported in one convoy. Extensive road enforcements including building of by-pass roads, panel bridges and a new 53 km long road through the desert to reach the job site were necessary prior the transport.

We will continue to grow together with our clients as partners as experience is our foundation, engineering our passion and customer satisfaction our motivation.

Chairman of the Board