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Engineered Heavy Lift And Transport

The main objective in transportation is reaching the destination as fast, safe and cost efficient as possible. Hareket provides complete engineered solutions for your heavy lifting and transport requirements. Following the transportation and discharging processes, Hareket's professional crew places and installs the cargo with state of the art technology. Heavy lifting and transportation services entails equipment such as cranes, gantries, strand jacks, self-propelled-modular and conventional trailers. Aside from the kit our team composed of specialists from the industry supply engineering, planning, supervision and project management during execution of a project. Our standards comply with the highest international safety and quality standards. Hareket strives to continuously improve its safety and quality management. We are regularly listed in the ICT50 (top 50 leading transport companies) and IC 50 (top 50 leading crane companies) and proud to receive many awards from leading crane and heavy lift transport industry organizations such as ESTA.