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Nuclear Power

Within the nuclear power sector safety is vital and the highest safety standards apply. Over the years Hareket has been known for its high service standards and reliability in the nuclear power sector. Planning and careful executing is of essential importance for a smooth and safe operation. We handle critical components such as reactor heads or steam generators carefully and with precision.

At the same time owners are also looking for cost efficient options to remain competitive in the market. Due to expertise within the region our team of specialists has a profound understanding of these specific needs. Hareket plans every stage prior to the beginning of your project upon completion. Our engineers carry out the feasibility analysis with in-depth technical know-how and a profound understanding of your needs. Transport and installation services are conducted by using international standards, state of the art equipment and under the supervision of our experts on-site. We make sure that you receive the support you need and the project will be executed in a timely and safely.