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Uzbekistan Tashkent Power Plant Relocation Project

Start Date: May 2021
Date of Completion: July 2021
Equipment used in the project: Hydraulic gantry, mobile and crawler cranes with 500 - 750T capacity. and 144 axle lines of lowbed and hydraulic trailers.
Project Description: Hareket is signing its name to giant projects that will contribute to the development of friendly countries in Central Asia. Hareket executed uninstallation, lifting and transportation services for relocation of 240MW capacity Samsun Natural Gas Combined Cycle Power Plant. 8 heavy and 10 oversized items weighing between 172 - 90T were transported by sea. They were off-loaded to heavy cargo terminal at Bautino Port on the Caspian Sea, operated by Hareket. Then transported on low-bed trailers to Taskenth, Uzbekistan. The remaining standard cargoes were transported only by road. Total amount of 144 axle lines were used during the relocation project. All parts with a total weight of 4.750t, a volume of 17,500m3 were moved to 4.000km away, new location at Kirbay district of Tashkent. By executing the project in a record period of three months, Hareket has completed another challenging project abroad.