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Transportation of two 6200 tons passenger ships

Start Date: 31.08.2020
Date of Completion: 3.09.2020
Equipment used in the project: 200 Axle Self propelled hydraulic trailers and conventional hydraulic trailers
Project Description: Record breaking transport in Turkey has been successfully performed by Hareket. Two passenger vesssels, built in Yalova Tersan Shipyard, each weighing 6.200 tons were transported to a floating dock by using total 1600 wheels on 200 axle of self-propelled Goldhofer (PST/SL-E) and towed (THP/SL45) hydraulic modular transporters. The ships with 124 meters of length, 22 meters of width and 35 meters height are being built by Tersan Shipyard for Norwegian company, inner parts of the ships will be built in sea and they draw attention with the fact of being the heaviest passenger vessels built in Turkey.