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Generator Set installation at Republic of the Niger Goudel Power Plant

Start Date: 18.06.2020
Date of Completion: On going project
Equipment used in the project: 400 tons capacity HSP 100  spindle jack (gantry), 2 x 30 m gantry skids, 700 bar generator, 8 x 100 tons hydraulic jacks
Project Description: 2 initial pieces of 6 main motors were offloaded with the help of Spindle Jack Gantry in Republic of the Niger - Goudel Thermal HFO Power Plant. After having been mounted the main motors (215 tons each) on to the base frames, alternators (59 tons each) were also assembled. Finally, a total weight of 320 tons Generator Sets were skidded through 57 meters into the Power-House and succesfully jackked up to the 46 cm height foundation.