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Turakurgan 900 mw Combined Cycle Electric Power Plant

Hareket continues its operations in the Turakurgan Combined Cycle Power Plant project undertaken by Çalık Enerji, an Uzbekistan Ministry of Energy (Uzbekenergo) investment and one of the most important projects of Uzbekistan, Transport operation of 225 tons transformer, the heaviest load produced for this project continues, which is 42 pieces of equipment (Gas Turbine, steam turbine, generator, transformer, HRSG modules) with a total weight of 7408 tons when only heavy parts considered. The plant is located in the state of Namangan, 280 km east of Tashkent, the capital city of Uzbekistan. The santral has a 900 MW total installed capacity, and it is consisting of two blocks (2 + 2 configuration) each with 450 MW installed power. Hareket, successfully carried out 3.591 tons part and 2500 km of the transport as of August 2018, which was transported around the mountain since the Kamchik tunnel was bypassed due to height problem, which is the only standard road connecting to Namangan State.